I'm Alma and I'm nuts about animation  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Always looking for new experiments so, do get in touch, either for projects
or just to say  hello @ almacazacu.ro what are you up to?
I am based in The Hague, Netherlands. Currently I am freelancing in motion + graphic design, illustration and as a producer on a range of commercial and cultural projects. I also take on video editing projects because it comes so naturally after being an editor for many years. 
It all started when, as a child in Bucharest, Romania,  I was watching animated films on VHS and I was dead curious to know how they were made. This curiosity stayed with me and it led me to the Theatre & Film University in Bucharest, Romania where I studied Film Editing, Sound and Multimedia (including animation) and later on at the National Film and TV School in Beaconsfield, UK where I studied Digital Post Production.
Since university I kept experimenting within different roles in the filmmaking process and currently I am focusing solely on motion design, illustration and direction. I worked most in advertising ATL and BTL, but also in film, theatre and print. Among the clients I have worked for I can mention Vodafone, ING, UNRWA, METRO, Kinder, Orange, Lidl, Napoca, SEAT, Petrom, Zaraza,  BRD,  Danone, Dove, Qfort, Unirea, Banc Post, Bucegi, BCR, GlaxoSmithKlein, Decathlon, Banca Transilvania and others.
FYI I am cheerful almost always and I drink a lot of black tea and like to swim.  Besides English, I am a Romanian native speaker, I also speak French and I am learning Dutch.
Also I am the founder of Kokai Studio which is meant to gather freelancers with various expertise and work on projects together.
For more info, please do not hesitate to ask hello @ almacazacu.ro
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